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The Organization

In the Fall of 2016, the Surrey International Film Festival will be bringing together all aspiring filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work. Together we’ll be raising the bar on filmmaking with the most talented and creative emerging artists out there. With the proliferation of digital media and the availability of video editing tools, anybody has the capacity to realize their imaginations.

The festival’s goal is to foster creativity and create a community of young filmmaker, by watching other films and works from around the globe, emerging filmmakers get a chance to meet others who share the same passion. We hope to inspire all participants to create more imaginative and entertaining films from what they’ve learned in the festival. The film festival is an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their works, be inspired, be imaginative, and create an international community of filmmakers. The Future of Filmmaking is in Surrey.

The International Surrey Film Festival is an organization founded by Glen Chua and Tim Reyes, former student filmmakers who have realized the importance of student film festivals. The Film Festival also collaborates with the Youth Arts Council of Surrey who ensure the involvement of youth within the city.

2007 Finalists

The event is an excellent opportunity to allow youth to explore future career aspirations and get inspired. It is also an excellent networking event, as all the students attending have interests in the arts.

The Festival

The Surrey Arts Centre2016 will be the 10 Year Anniversary of SIFF, and events will be taking place both at the Surrey Arts Centre AND the New Surrey City Hall Council Chamber theatres.

Since it’s inception, the Surrey International Film Festival has received short films from around the world. The Film Festival is a unique festival, as it creates a community of filmmakers not just within Surrey, but also showcases work from other parts of the world.

This event showcases short films from all around the world from filmmakers in all different ages. The goal is to create a mosaic of visions and stories, and showcasing new perspectives. There will be three different short film programs, High School, Post Secondary, and Professional Short Films. This year, the Film Festival will feature two Master Classes which will be free for the general public and filmmakers.

The top nominated films in each category will be screened, and judged by members of the City and film community. The top film in each category will receive a  trophy, and the top film from Surrey will receive the award for Best of Surrey. Filmmakers will also receive gift certificates and cash prizes.

Get your tuxedos and gowns ready, because after the Professional Short Film Screenings, there will be an award ceremony for the top productions with a cocktail reception following afterwards. Who will win “Best Actor”? Who will be named the “Best Screenwriter”? Most importantly, who will take home the “Best of Surrey” award this year?

We’ll see you on the red carpet!