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View the winning films!

Check out this year’s 2012 winners here! NEVER EVER Dir. Nicole Provost W.J. Mouat Secondary After unintentionally being made aware of the responsibilities and nostalgia that come as you enter the adult world, Jenna and Melanie promise each other that they will never grow up. But as it often does, fate causes them to rethink their promise, and realize what …

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View the 2011 Winning Films!

“KEN” – Produced by Earl Marriott Seccondary Cast/Crew: Brett McCrady, Ben Avery Winner Best Short Film 2011 Surrey Film Festival   “LUNCH TIME LOOP” – Produced by Fleetwood Park Secondary Cast/Crew: Stuart Brookes Winner Best Music/Sports Video 2011 Surrey Film Festival   “ODDAY” – Produced by Yale Secondary Cast/Crew: Nikki Segovia Winner Best Animation 2011 Surrey Film Festival   “WASHING …

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New Screenwriting Category

In collaboration with the Surrey Public Library, the festival will now have a screenwriting category for all writers. If you have written a screenplay, then you may submit it to the festival to be considered. All finalists will be displayed in the gallery during the festival and will be considered for awards. Rules: 10 pages maximum Can be in any …

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Do I Creep You Out

A man expresses his love to the girl he is crazy about. Music video set to WeirdAl Yankovich’s Do I Creep You Out (2007). by Ryan Robinson – Fleetwood Park Secondary

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An experimental film about the effects of spousal abuse on a child. 2009 Best of the Festival Winner and Best PSA.

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A new Screenwriting category will be open for all writers in the 2010 Festival. Check back soon for more information about it.

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Anti-Homophobia PSA

A high school class partakes in a self exploration exercise. by Jenni Rempel – LA Matheson Secondary

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Homelessness PSA

A PSA exposing the ever-common stereotype–that all homeless people have led themselves to the streets due to excessive drug use. by Monica Cheema – Fleetwood Park Secondary

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Death by Plastic

An evil cult brings to life a scary supernatural being… Surrey High School Film Festival 2009 by Ryan Robinson, Fleetwood Park Secondary

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Gnomes invade the school and wreak havoc. Surrey High School Film Festival 2007 by Steven Gross – LA Matheson Secondary

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